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Where are you headed?

If you've been in a class with us, you may be familiar with some of these phrases we use often to encourage you:

"Focus on the short term!"

"Plan for success!"

"Every bite matters!"

"Trust the process!"

It's November, and all of us are headed into the holidays! And all the gatherings and celebrations that come with them. Food will accompany those gatherings, and this may be the first time you will be confronted with unhealthy food temptations since changing your dietary lifestyle.


You can enjoy the holidays, embrace and spend time with your loved ones, and not jeopardize your health while doing so. What are we looking for on those holiday tables?



Whole Grains!


And a few nuts and seeds along the way is just fine too, unless this is something you are avoiding for individual health reasons.

So let's plan for success. How are we going to do this? Well, we are going to be proactive! Here are some ideas to help you make a plan for a happy healthy holiday season:

  1. Talk to your family. Ask them for their support in your decision to eat plant-based, and to not tempt you to do otherwise. You are doing this for your health, it's important to you as well as being with them this holiday season.

  2. Get creative! Start a new tradition! The holidays are about being together, catching up, and celebrating. And when it comes to the food, find new twists on traditional favorites. If you're hosting, you've got it made! If you're not, offer to contribute a side dish or two so that you know there will be something there you can eat.

  3. Google plant-based recipes! Green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, charcuterie boards, Mac&Cheese, dinner rolls, pecan pie, etc. All of these traditional holiday foods can be made without the animal products that raise your cholesterol, blood pressure, A1C, weight, etc. You can enjoy delicious, comfort food without sacrificing your health.

So where are you headed?

Map it out NOW! Plan for success. Every bite matters. Focus on the short term.

One meal at a time.

You've got this!

This Saturday (November 6th), we invite you to get a head start on planning for success by joining our 1 hour special clas