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Our "Why"

Our passion is to come alongside others to offer education and support in adopting a whole food plant-based lifestyle.

We seek to journey together to better understand true nutrition in an effort to be free of unnecessary dietary rules. In so doing we can control and even reverse chronic disease and live full & restored lives.  

Together, let's eat to LIVE!

About Us

Our journey began in 2012, after watching Forks Over Knives.  Jill, a classroom teacher and music artist with a family history of colorectal cancer, was motivated to begin changing her diet in an effort to prevent this disease.  But it wouldn't be until 2016 when Jill finally made the switch.


On November 11, 2016, Jill's husband Joel suffered a massive heart attack (100% blockage of the LAD - aka the "widow maker") at the age of 46.  This was indeed a wake up call to where the Standard American Diet had led.  Joel, along with his wife Jill, made a 180 degree turn to a 100% healthier life by transitioning to a Whole Foods Plant-Based lifestyle. The results speak for themselves, and they've never looked back!

Jill and Joel are Plant-Based Nutrition certified, and are licensed Food For Life instructors with the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine.  They are dedicated to encouraging and empowering others in preventing, improving, and even reversing chronic disease - Saving Your Life One Bite At A Time™

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

~ Hippocrates

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