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Your "Why"

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Rip Esselstyn says "Find a why that makes you cry" when helping others transition and stay committed to a whole food plant-based lifestyle. A catchy and poignant phrase!

Here at Rooted Green, we often take our clients through the "5 Why's" exercise which helps bring you to your Why to access each day, at every crossroad of decision: what you will eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in your quest to improve and even reverse your chronic disease, or to generally improve your health.

We live in a culture of instant gratification. It is common to wake up in the morning intent on not setting a foot wrong, only to find ourselves going to bed that night wondering "What happened? I was doing so well!" It takes mindset, planning, determination, and.....accessing your Why on the daily!

This is counter to our culture, counter to the food industry and the ads they portray to us on their food labels, their billboards, their commercials, their messaging! We have a food industry that doesn't care about our health, and a healthcare industry that doesn't care about our food. Those are the sad facts that we at Rooted Green are dedicated to changing!

We often feel like we don't have control or say-so over our health. And it is correct that there is no magic pill, or shall we say "complete control". But we do have quite a bit of control, friends! You have more power than the food industry or the healthcare industry. Where is this superpower? It's on your plate. It's your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Over genes, over exercise, over pills and procedures, nothing matters more than what you choose to eat every day, every meal, every snack, ...every bite!

We sometimes meet people who are very curious about the way we eat and the work we do in helping others, and after we share our story, and the stories of our clients, they will say something along the lines of "That is so wonderful! Fortunately I don't need to worry about that because I'm in good health. I don't have _____________, I don't struggle with______________, so I don't need to change the way I eat." We love to lean in to these conversations and ask questions that get to the Why. And this includes the Why Not. It's highly beneficial to do the work of figuring out why I wouldn't eat lower on the food chain (a whole food plant-based diet) so that I can access why I would!

Are you curious? Good! Stay curious and stay in touch with us! Follow us on our socials, email us, join our website, take a class, a grocery store tour, a pantry rehaul, or a 1-1 session!

Here's to finding your Why, and sticking to it! You've got this!

Saving your life one bite at a time™

To your health,


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