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Steve & Janet - WFPB Journey

Updated: Apr 28

On July 30th, we sat down with Steve and Janet Thompson to hear their remarkable journey toward optimal health and wellness! They have literally become ambassadors for the wfpb lifestyle here in the Twin Cities and beyond. Check out FB page Plant-Based MN, and become a part of their life-changing support community!

“I consider my diabetic situation a blessing because it channels me into this healthier lifestyle, healthier diet, and keeps me on track...I recently heard Dr. David Katz about ‘Where is the outrage?’ As the population starts to learn some of the truths about nutrition and the fact that what we think is good nutrition is so heavily influenced by the industry selling that nutrition; and once we find out the truth that those foods aren’t very good for your health, there’s a passage you have to go through where you’re very outraged about ‘How could this be? Where was my doctor? Where was the USDA? Where were all these institutions that are dedicated to the preservation of public health? What happened?’ “ -Steve Thompson

“And I consider it a blessing because he’s telling everybody about it. If you’re willing to listen and try it, he (Steve) is a great support, and that (support) makes all the difference” -Janet Thompson

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