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Kelsie Gilliam - WFPB Journey

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Hi y’all! Kelsie Gilliam here! Social Media director for @rootedgreen and today I’m honored to share with you my #wfpb journey!

Most of my childhood I was sick. I have been diagnosed with 3 autoimmune diseases in my 28 years of life (scleroderma, psoriasis, endometriosis) and a couple syndromes (IBS and leaky gut).

2nd photo - me in 2015. Married and struggling with infertility.

3rd photo - March 2016 and pregnant with miracle #1!! I was NOT vegan. High-risk for my entire pregnancy, with the last three months being the scariest. Pre-term labor and severe preeclampsia led to an emergency c-section delivery.

•• 2016 my dad (Joel of RGW) had a heart attack - the widow maker - and SURVIVED ••

January 2017 I went vegan with my parents, and my family did it with me (husband and 1 year old)!

4th photo - February 2019 and pregnant with miracle #2! Doctors still can’t explain how I was able to get pregnant! Vegan pregnancy! I was not high-risk, no preeclampsia, no high blood pressure, and made it to our scheduled delivery date!

1st photo - winter 2020. When I joined the RGW team I decided to commit to the #wholefoodsplantbased lifestyle. Since July of 2020, I have been #wfpb and have completely eliminated alcohol from my diet. I lost 10lbs and most of my underlying conditions have been reversed, are in remission, or are no longer evident.

My husband and I have been in this together for the last 4 years AND my children have only known the vegan diet! They are pictures of perfect health and it is my greatest hope that they have a different childhood!

It can be a hard journey to find optimal health, but it’s worth every step! Are you ready to take back control for your health??

Join us for a class in 2021!

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