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Jill Erickson - Founder of RGW - WFPB Journey

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

For those of you who don’t know... I’m Jill! Founder of @rootedgreen

Before transitioning to a wfpb lifestyle, it was eggs every morning, wine every night, and lots of organic, free range, grass-fed, whatever-term-could-justify-it-for-me in between. I suffered from chronic constipation, acid reflux, IBS, and was waiting for colon cancer (which runs in my family) to wreak its ugly head. I had tried every diet (and even taught classes for one diet fad) out there.

But in 2016, I made the 180 degree turn to PLANTS. And all those sufferings? GONE! Living at a healthy BMI, and all my chronic diseases reversed, I only wish I had found this lifestyle in my 20’s. Never going back! Love this life!

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