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Emily Anderson - WFPB Journey

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

I have always considered myself healthy. I have a history of priding myself on moving my body as well as being mindful in my eating. Weight management has never been something I have been challenged with.

I began a plant-based diet in order to support my husband whom was experiencing high blood pressure. We started our journey together to simply just try and see if it made a difference. I did not anticipate maintaining a plant-based diet as I didn’t perceive myself as someone who “needed” it. Most incredibly his blood pressure decreased to a normal range within three weeks. Additionally, I noticed positive differences within myself. Things that I didn’t perceive as issues because the symptoms had been normalized: “that’s just part of getting older” “That’s what happens after having three kids” etc. My joints seemed to be less achy, my mood stabilized and my periods became less heavy.

I enjoy cooking and was overwhelmed at “starting over”- there was A LOT of baked potatoes right away. However almost two and a half years later I feel much more confident and can replicate almost anything or flavor in a much healthier way. I enjoy cooking now more than ever. I have enjoyed increasing my use of flavors, seasonings and colors. Giving a plant based diet a try and sticking with it is a decision of no looking back.

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