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Saving Your Life One Bite At A Time

When we began Rooted Green Wellness in the summer of 2019, we couldn't have begun to imagine what would unfold in the next 2 years. We knew what we were starting was important and lifesaving. But it wasn't until our participants and clients began sharing their stories of health transformation that we fully saw the impact a simple lifestyle change can make!

Our tag line, if you've ever looked closely at our logo, is "it's in your roots".

Our name, Rooted Green, stems from the overwhelming scientific evidence that reveals consistently that our health is rooted not in our genes, not in luck or lack thereof. Our health is rooted in our lifestyle choices. In our food, drink, activity, rest, stress, & environment. And yes, in that order.

Food is #1.

There is nothing more intimate we do on a daily basis than the food we put in our bodies.

Every bite matters.

You can save your life, one bite at a time.

We know because we've seen it. It is in the research, and it is in the stories of each and every person we encounter in our work.

We've shared some of their stories with you; the stories of Tim, Emily, Doug, Fred, Joan, Cyndi, Carolyn, Adam, Kiley, Jenna, Kelsie, Steve,&Janet, to name a few.

Since taking our classes and adopting a whole food plant-based lifestyle, these Rooted Green friends have experienced and maintained:

*lowered cholesterol

*normalized blood pressure

*reversed heart disease

*lowered triglycerides

*healthy weight

*"No Evidence Of Disease" status

*relief from chronic pain