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Meet Ethan!

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Ethan had always considered himself to be a healthy person; a healthy eater living an active lifestyle.

So Ethan was a little shocked several months ago when after a routine doctor’s exam, his labs showed less than ideal numbers.

Ethan was concerned for his health, especially only being in his 30’s.

Ethan began taking our classes in January, went 100% whole food plant-based, hoping against hope that in a few months when he returned to his doctor, he wouldn’t need to begin medications to treat his cholesterol.

Well, look at these numbers!

Compare them: 1/14/21 and 8/18/21.

And only after 7 months of adopting a whole food plant-based lifestyle!

Things are going in the right direction for Ethan.

He put the food on his plate to work for him, and his body is thanking him for it.

Every bite matters!

Congratulations Ethan for taking charge of your health!

You are “Saving your life, one bite at a time” ™

What will your story be? Join us for one of our upcoming classes and learn how you can make your plate work for you!

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