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In 2015, at age 66, I suffered a heart attack and stent procedure. Within a couple of weeks, I realized I was unable to accept the side effects of many of the drugs I was prescribed. It was that experience that began my crusade to learn as much as I could about alternatives and began with watching Forks Over Knives and buying the books written by some of the people featured in that video.

Interestingly, my cardiologist was not very enthusiastic, and I assured him I wasn't going to quit all my meds, but it was my goal to be off all of them eventually. He helped me by managing some of the dosages, so I wasn't so agitated anymore, and noticed that some of the cognitive issues were relieved, but the blockers still prevented me from even walking around the block.

Admittedly, it was a pretty steep learning curve for me, but I stuck with it and within 13 months, I was off of all my heart medications. If you still have questions, you will find the answers in a whole food plant based diet.


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